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Diagnostic Examination

Glaucoma describes a collection of conditions in which the nerve of sight (the optic nerve) is damaged. This leads to defects in the field of vision that are characteristic of the disease. Glaucoma becomes more common with age.

Early detection is vital and Mr Porteous will conduct a thorough examination that includes a detailed biomicroscopic examination of your eye, intraocular pressure measurement using Goldman Applanation Tonometry, gonioscopic assessment, visual field assessment with the Zeiss Humphrey automated visual field analyser and optic disc assessment using optical coherence tomography.

Damage from glaucoma cannot be reversed however treatment to lower the intraocular pressure can usually prevent this damage from getting worse. Mr Porteous will discuss all the treatment options available and aim to create a treatment plan that is individually tailored to your needs.

Applanation tonometry test for eye press
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